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The "de Duve Institute" (former ICP) Post-Doctoral Fellowship Programme


Who is eligible?

The de Duve institute runs its own post-doctoral fellowship program that aims at young scientists who have a PhD, MD or equivalent degree and are preferably not older than 33 years of age. The purpose of the fellowships is to provide additional training in one of the disciplines of biomedical research covered by the laboratories of the Institute. Fellowships are awarded for one year with a one-year renewable option. Candidates are recommended to apply also for other fellowships (for example, an F.N.R.S Post-doctoral Fellowship, an EMBO Fellowship or an EU Marie-Curie Post-doctoral Fellowship). Belgian MDs are admitted for a period of one year only. Candidates who have already paid their contributions for social security and retirement through a previous contract in Belgium are not eligible.




What is the amount of the fellowship?

The fellowships provide a tax-free monthly allowance of 1900 Euro. This allowance is subject to correction for inflation. Health insurance, insurance against accidents on the way from home to work and registration fee for the University are all covered by the Institute. The the Duve Institute will contribute towards the expenses incurred from the travel to join the Institute.

How is housing in Brussels?

Housing in Brussels is in general not a problem and in most cases reasonably priced appartments, flats or studios ranging from 300 to 450 Euro/month are available on the University campus. If necessary, it is not too difficult to find reasonably priced housing off campus in the direct neighborhood of the Institute or even right in the centre of the city. The campus has its own metro station (Alma) of the Brussels subway network and is situated at the North-East rim of Brussels close to the international airport and at 15 min from the city center.

What is the selection procedure?

Candidates are selected by a fellowship committee which meets twice a year in February and September. Candidates are selected according to scientific excellence. Based on the recommendation of the fellowship committee, the directorate makes the final selection. Candidates will be informed by the Director of the Institute immediately after a decision has been taken and the selected candidates may start their work as soon as possible and not later than six months after the date of selection.

How to apply?

Letters of application should contain a detailed resume or CV, 3 passport-sized photographs, a statement summarizing the candidate's interests and accomplishments and a mention of the candidate's laboratory of choice. A complete list of publications, including those in press, copies of any publication that may assist the committee to arrive at a decision and the names, (email) addresses, telephone and fax numbers of three referees who are willing to provide information about the candidate, should also be included. Application can be sent to the head of the laboratory of the candidate's choice, or directly to Mrs. Delphine Lebbe (Delphine.Lebbeuclouvain.be) at the central administration of the Institute.

Deadlines for introducing applications: 15 January and 15 August, 2010

Any further information can be obtained from the chairman of the fellowship committee: Fred R. Opperdoes (fred.opperdoesuclouvain.be)



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